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3 capitals, 7 day route

A week in Fez, Meknes and Rabat – a good choice for first timers in Morocco, right? Also I have reserved some time to see Casablanca (it is supposed that you arrive there).

Map of itinerary

Casablanca (A, H) – Rabat (B) – Fez (C, G) – Meknes (D, F) – Volubilis (E) – Meknes (D, F) – Fez (C, G) – Casablanca (A, H).

~750 km.

Description of Morocco route

Circle route “3 capitals” is a sightseeing itinerary that starts in Casablanca, because most of international flights arrive to its airport. The route is too busy to be shrinked, you may also choose another route that lasts 7 days or less. If you find cheaper tickets to Rabat, you can also use this route, it will become a bit more relaxed. I suggest using Moroccan trains, as they arrive in time and the stations are located right in hearts of cities. Car for this itinerary seems to be useless.

Route of tour in Morocco
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Detailed description with links

7 days:
1, Monday, flight to Casablanca

Book 1 night (from the 1st to the 2d date) in Casablanca.

If you arrive early, you can plan to see some sights of Casablanca.

2, Tuesday, Casablanca – Rabat.

Book 2 nights (2-4) in Rabat.

Wake up early, leave luggage in riad’s luggage room and go to a train station to buy tickets for all the route. At 10 a.m. start your self guided tour in Casablanca by Hassan II mosque. Come back to hotel to get your luggage and board the evening train to Rabat.

3, Wednesday, Rabat.

Sightseeing in Rabat & Sale.

4, Thursday, Rabat – Fez.

Book 2 nights (2-4) in Fez.

Take morning train to Fez. Spend the rest of day sightseeing.

5, Friday, Fez – Meknes – Volubilis – Meknes – Fez.

Early morning train will bring you to Meknes, you’d rather start with ancient Roman ruins in Volubilis. Come back to Meknes and go sightseeing. In the evening return back to Fez on a train.

6, Saturday, Fez – Casablanca.

Book 1 night (6-7) in Casablanca.

Leave your bags in luggage room of your riad and spend most of the day sightseeing in Fez. Remember to take your luggage and take an evening train to Casablanca.

7, Friday, Casablanca.

If your plane departs in the evening, leave your luggage in riad’s luggage room and go for a walk in the city.

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