«Morocco: 3 capitals – mountains – seashore», 7-9 day route

One more itinerary for your Morocco trip that can be reduced from 9 to 7 days. The idea of what you’ll see is in its headline:

  • one of previous capitals – Marrakesh (that is located next to the highest mountain of Morocco, Toubkal),
  • today’s capital – Rabat,
  • economic capital of Morocco – Casablanca,
  • and 2 coastal towns – Essaouira and El Jadida.

Map of itinerary

The route depends on how many days you will spend in Morocco. The map shows the longest, 9-days, route:

Casablanca (A, F) – Marrakesh (B) – Essaouira (C) – El Jadida (D) – Casablanca (A, F) – Rabat (E) – Casablanca (A, F).

~1000 km.

8-days route:

Casablanca (A, F) – Marrakesh (B) – Essaouira (C) – El Jadida (D) – Casablanca (A, F)

~800 км.

7-days route depends on the time of your flight, if your flight is late in the evening, then see 8-days itinerary, if it is a morning flight, then:

Casablanca (A, F) – Marrakesh (B) – Essaouira (C) – Casablanca (A, F)

~800 км.

Description of itinerary

It’s a circle itinerary that starts in Casablanca. You can start it with Marrakesh if the flight is more convenient. You will use buses and trains on this route. This route will also suit to those who would like to rent a car, but in cities you won’t get a pleasant experience while driving.

If you have less than 9 days for a trip to Morocco, you won’t succeed to see Rabat and possibly El Jadida too. If you don’t like this route, you may choose other 7 day tour from this section.

Best time for this route is from October to May.

Morocco itinerary in details
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Detailed description of Morocco itinerary with links

7-9 days:
1, Saturday, flight to Casablanca.

Book 1 night (from the 1st to the 2d date) in Casablanca.

If you arrive early – have a walk in Casablanca.

2, Sunday, Casablanca – Marrakesh.

Book 2 nights (2-4) in Marrakesh.

Early wake-up. Buy train ticket to Marrakesh (train takes ~2,5-3 hours). If you’ve arrived yesterday late and you don’t have time to see Casablanca in the end of journey – then take evening train to Marrakesh and go sightseeing in Casablanca.

3, Monday, Marrakesh.

Sightseeing in Marrakesh.

4, Tuesday, Marrakesh – Essaouira.

Book 2 nights (4-6) in Essaouira.

Bus to Essaouira takes 2,5 hours. You can go with morning bus (8-45) to Essaouira or spend some time in Marrakesh and take bus at 12-30.

5, Wednesday, Essaouira.

Sightseeing in Essaouira.

6, Thursday, Essaouira – El Jadida (Essaouira – Casablanca).

Book 1 night (6-7) in El Jadida (Casablanca).

Full-size route: 11-30 СТМ to El Jadida, 16-30 arrival.

7 day route: if your flight is tomorrow in the morning or in the daytime – go straight to Casablanca with the same bus (arrival 18-30). If your flight is late in the evening – stay in El Jadida to have a chance to see the town in the morning.

7, Friday, El Jadida – Casablanca (Casablanca).

Full-size route: Book 2 nights (7-9) in Casablanca.

Buy train ticket to Casablanca in the morning and go sightseeing in El Jadida. 18-30 train to Casablanca, 19-56 arrival.

7 day route: early wake-up, buy train ticket to Casablanca and go sightseeing in El Jadida. I would recommend you to arrive to Casablanca in advance. Evening flight.

8, Saturday, Casablanca – Rabat – Casablanca.

A day in Rabat. Morning train to Rabat (8-40 – 9-34), evening train back to Casablanca (19-05 – 19-55).

9, Sunday, Casablanca.

If you depart in the evening, leave your luggage in hotel’s luggage room and go sightseeing in Casablanca.


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