Sights of Fez

Al-Attarine Madrasa

GPS coordinates: 34°03’54.3″N 4°58’25.5″W (34.065079, -4.973735)

Entrance: 20 MAD (in 2019)

One of the most interesting madrasas of Fez was erected in 1323-1325 by sultan  Uthman II Abu Said. It is located close to Al-Karaouine (al-Qarawiyyin) university. Al-Attarine is also the name of nearby souk.

It’s quite easy to find Al-Attarine madrasa, even if GPS can not concentrate – just take rue Tala Sghira from Bab Boujeloud gate to the end of street, turn right – this street will end up by madrasa. The way is about 1 km.

Madrasa Bou Inania has a similar decoration inside, so if you doubt yourself finding madrasa Al-Attarine, you may choose Bou Inania. It is located in the beginning of rue Tala Sghira: 34°03’44″N 4°58’58″W (34.062222, -4.982778)

Inner yard

Wall of madrasa

Wood and stone carving


Inner yard


Wood and stone carving


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