Andalusian garden

(Jardin Andalous, jardin des Oudayas)

GPS coordinates: 34°01’48.7″N 6°50’07.4″W (34.030181, -6.835399)

Entrance: Free

The idea of creating a garden inside of Oudaya Kasbah belongs to French architect Maurice Tranchant De Lunel (head of antiquities department). In that time there was just a typical yard of caserne in front of palace (today palace is turned to a museum).

By 1920 the garden was completed. The project of Andalusian garden had been made by French landscape architect Jean-Claude Forestier. His previous work was Jardin d’Essais (trial garden of Rabat).

Oranges in garden

Hard to accept, but even some Rabat citizens make a mistake – they believe Andalusian garden was made centuries ago.

There are gates leading to the garden from the avenue and from Kasbah. So you may enter from both locations.

Entrance to Andalusian garden from Kasbah des Oudaias



Star from grass

Blooming rose


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