Rabat – Chefchaouene – Fez, 7 day route

The idea how to spend a week in Morocco actively travelling. This route starts in Casablanca.

Map of the route

Casablanca (A, E) – Rabat (B) – Chefchaouene (C) – Fez (D) – Casablanca (A, E).

~800 km.

Description of itinerary

Circle sightseeing route “Rabat – Chefchaouene – Fez” starts in Casablanca, because most of international flights arrive to its airport. The itinerary is too busy to be shrinked, you can choose any other route that lasts 7 days or less.

Description of Morocco route
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Detailed description with links

7 days:
1, Monday, flight to Casablanca

Book 1 night (from the 1st to the 2d date) in Casablanca.

Upon early arrival go sightseeing in Casablanca.

2, Tuesday, Casablanca – Rabat.

Book 1 night (2-3) in Rabat.

Get up early and go to Rabat on a morning train. Sightseeing in Rabat & Sale.

3, Wednesday, Rabat – Chefchaouene.

Book 2 nights (3-5) in Chefchaouene.

Sightseeing in Rabat & Sale. 15-00 board the bus (CTM), 20-00 Chefchaouene.

4, Thursday, Chefchaouene.

Sightseeing in Chefchaouene.

5, Friday, Chefchaouene – Fez.

Book 1 night (5-6) in Fez.

10-45 CTM bus CTM, 15-15 Fez. Visit Borj Nord and have an evening walk in old medina.

6, Saturday, FezCasablanca.

Book 1 night (6-7) in Casablanca.

Leave your bags in luggage room of your riad and go sightseeing in Fez. In the evening take a train to Casablanca.

7, Friday, Casablanca.

If you have evening flight, do the same way you’ve done in Fez: leave your luggage in hotel’s luggage room and go for a walk.


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