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About Agadir

Agadir has unique location – a wide beach along bay that is hidden from strong oceanic waves and winds by a mountain ridge. This trait helped the city to develop as an international resort.

Unfortunately in 1960 Agadir was demolished by an earthquake. 30% of citizens were deceased, 30% were wounded and almost everyone was left homeless. All of buildings that you will see in Agadir were either reconstructed or newly built in the end of 20th century.

Agadir city view

Some facts about Agadir

– Agadir has a sattelite city, Inezgane, that serves as a transport hub.

– You can meet goats that climb argan trees next to Agadir (direction Essaouira or Tiznit).

– In wintertime, when the river is full of water, there’s a possibility to meet some flamingoes in river delta (30°21’43.3″N 9°35’24″W (30.362029, -9.590000)). Later the river dries out.

– The major fishing port of Morocco is located in Agadir.

Goats on the tree
Goats on argan tree next to Agadir

If you spend your vacation in Agadir, you can make your holiday more interesting travelling to:

Agadir beach, inscription on a hill
Beach of Agadir, view to the Casbah

Agadir beach

city view

Vegetables and donkey in a market street

Embankment of dry river (april)

Bougainvillea flowers over the door


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