Erg Chebbi

(pronounced “Shebby”)

GPS coordinates: 31°06’00.4″N 4°00’06.9″W (31.100112, -4.001907) the closest point to Merzouga

A sea of peach color dunes formed by wind-blown sand. This means that the sand of erg is constantly in move. Erg is surrounded by a stony desert. The height of dunes reaches up to 150 m.

Locals take “baths” of hot sand as a treatment of rheumatism – for this purpose you need to be buried neck-deep in the sand for a few minutes. Usually it is done during the hottest time of the year.

Big dune

Some tips about walking in desert

– The best way to walk in a desert is to get rid of any shoes. Fine sand permeates anything (probably except special military shoes for desert regions) and rubs down ones feet to blood in a few seconds. So if the temperature of sand allows, walk barefoot like locals do.

– Watch your steps to avoid stepping on a scorpio or any other dangerous species.

– Sun protection is a must. No matter what season do you come to Morocco. It’s very easy to make this mistake when the temperature is less than +20°С. Always wear any headwear and use a sun block.

– Take at least 1,5 l of drinking water per person with you. Desert is full of optical illusions: it may seem that something is close but there may be several kilometers in real.

– Strong winds can create sandstorms. Usually they blow in the winter and spring. During sandstorms it’s impossible to go outside of the hotel.

– There are no bushes in desert, so any garbage can not get stuck there. Be prepared that it will spoil you some pictures.

– If you want to make pictures without any traces – you should visit desert in early morning when winds have erased all during the night.

Traces on the sand



Sand waves, dunes

Dark sand

Bugs between sand waves


The top line of a dune


Take Merzouga map with you – just click the star and it will be saved in your Google account. Any locations in this region that I will add later will appear on your map.


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