«Imperial cities of Morocco» +Casablanca, 10 day route

Every company that deals with tours to Morocco offers «Imperial cities» route (Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh and today’s capital Rabat). I offer the route with the same cities but you can do everything in your own tempo + see Casablanca, the economic centre of Morocco. To travel on your own according to «Imperial cities» route is easy, because there’s a good railway transportation that connects all of mentioned cities.

Map of the route

Casablanca (A, I) – Marrakesh (B) – Rabat (C) – Fez (D, H) – Meknes (E, G) – Volubilis (F) – Meknes (E, G) – Fez (D, H) – Casablanca (A, I).

~ 1200 km.

Description of «Imperial cities of Morocco» itinerary

This is a route with use of trains. Due to location of train stations (in the middle of cities) and unpredictable driving manners of Moroccans, I would recommend to avoid renting a car for this route. All tickets for the whole route you can buy at train station on your arrival to Morocco.

It’s a circle route with a radial element that starts in Casablanca (well, there’s the biggest airport in Morocco). But if you have found better tickets to any other city of imperial Moroccan route, just start the itinerary with the city you arrive to.

You will spend 10 days and visit 5 cities. This route gives you an opportunity to see all of these cities. If you intend to fit this route in smaller amount of days, I’d rather suggest you 7-days routes from this section.

Imperial cities of Morocco, tour program
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Detailed description of itinerary with links

10 days:
1, Saturday, flight to Casablanca.

Book 1 night (from the 1st to the 2d date) in Casablanca.

If you arrive early – have a walk in Casablanca.

2, Sunday, Casablanca – Marrakesh.

Book 2 nights (2-4) in Marrakesh.

Early wake-up. Buy train tickets for all route. Leave for Marrakesh as early as possible (train will take ~2,5-3 hours). Sightseeing in Marrakesh.

3, Monday, Marrakesh.

Sightseeing in Marrakesh. This day you may also spend visiting Toubkal national park or Ouzud waterfall.

4, Tuesday, Marrakesh – Rabat.

Book 2 nights (4-6) in Rabat.

Buy ticket to Rabat depending on what you would like more: a morning walk in Marrakesh or an evening walk in Rabat. Train will take ~3,5 hours.

5, Wednesday, Rabat.

Sightseeing in Rabat.

6, Thursday, Rabat – Fez.

Book 3 nights (6-9) in Fez.

8-37 departure to Fez, 11-09 arrival. Sightseeing in Fez.

7, Friday, Fez.

A day in Meknes. 8-35 train to Meknes, 9-05 arrival. Visit Volubilis and then visit sights of Meknes. 17-52 train to Fez, 18-35 arrival.

8, Saturday, Fez.

Sightseeing in Fez.

9, Sunday, Fez – Casablanca.

Book 1 night (9-10) in Casablanca.

8-00 train to Casablanca, 11-34 arrival. Sightseeing in Casablanca.

10, Monday, Casablanca.

If you have evening flight, leave your luggage in hotel’s luggage room and go for a walk.


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