Intra-urban transport

In this article you will find general information about means of public transport in cities and towns of Morocco. Some detailed information can be found at “Infrastructure” section of destinations. If using menu it goes like this: Destinations > f.e. Agadir > Infrastructure.

Take note that public transportation is not available in the nighttime. The amount of petit-taxis will be also less than in the daytime.


Beautiful and modern trams are present in Rabat, Sale and Casablanca. Announced frequency interval is 5-10 min.

A tram
In Rabat tram line goes along old wall of medina


Google Maps option to build a route by public transport is available in Agadir and Casablanca.


Small taxi is not the same mean of transport as a taxi in Russia, Thailand or Europe –

  1. You can not call a taxi, you can only catch it.
  2. The car is supposed to carry 3 passengers. And the delivery goes one by one. It means that if there’s a passenger in a taxi you’ve caught, s/he will be the first to be taken to his destination (the taximeter for you would be switched on as you take your seat). You will be charged for all the time that you’ve spent in the car (by taximeter of course). Usually drivers are warning about the route of their passengers. So if it might cost you more time and money, you should refuse. It is a common practice.
  3. Petit-taxi can not go outside the city/town. It sounds strange for Rabat and Agadir, where satellite-cities are located just a few kilometers away. For this purpose you are expected to use grand-taxis.
Blue petit-taxis
Blue small taxis in Rabat

Drivers like to bargain, giving you a higher price. But it depends on the city – in Casablanca taximeter will be switched on after your first request, in Marrakesh you will need to have a lot of patience persuading the driver.

Approximate rates of petit-taxis: in Agadir the taximeter starts to count from 2 MAD. Night rate – +50%. Minimum price – 6 MAD (even if your ride was 10 m). The cost of 1 km. ~1,6 MAD. The rate in other cities may be slightly different.

Many cars are old and uncomfortable. The color of the car depends on the city. F.e. in Casablanca and Fez small taxis are red. In other cities they can be blue or beige.

Red petit-taxi in Fez
Red petit-taxi in front of Bab Boujeloud, Fez

Donkeys and mules

These animals represent one of the means of cargo transport in Morocco. Especially in medinas, where the cars are not allowed or the streets are too narrow for other vehicles. The far you will go from cities, the more you will see that a donkey is a reliable friend and a personal transport of any old man.

A donkey eating garbage
This donkey can’t resist the tasty garbage that he should carry

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