Jnane Sbile garden

GPS coordinates: 34°03’34.7″N 4°59’17.7″W (34.059643, -4.988261)

Entrance: Free

Opening hours (2018): 8:00-19:30, except Monday

It is a well-maintained mixture of park and botanical garden. Different zones are skillfully combined in Jnan Sbile garden: a lake with palm island, cactus garden, herbs garden, watermill corner, fountains zone, small bamboo forest and alley with old palm trees aged more than 100 years. There’s a small oued (or wadi, temporary river) that flows through the garden. And security guards that will look after you.

Jnan Sbile garden was created in 18 century by the order of Sultan Moulay Abdallah. Today it is the oldest garden of Fez. Last restoration was held in 2010.

In some sources this garden appears under the name of “Bab Bou Jeloud garden”. Probably because the square and the gate with common name Bab Boujeloud are next to it.

Palm trees




Herbs garden
Lavender, rosemary and other herbs

I wish I could get some oranges!

Gazania rigens
Gazania rigens




Jardin Jnane Sbile


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Jnane Sbile garden is marked with green polygon:

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