Sights of Casablanca

Mahkama du Pacha palace in quartier Habbous

GPS coordinates: 33°34’42.8″N 7°36’23.6″W (33.578566, -7.606565)

Entrance: (Unchecked information) Free, but only with guided tour.

Palace of justice. It was built by architect Auguste Cadet in 1952. This unique building was erected on a hill, so it rises above the quarter like a castle. Rich decoration of interiors was made in Moorish style (resembling Alhambra) – a lot of stone and wood carvings, delicate pattern over thin columns and a nice inner yard.

Gate of palace

Today it is the office of local administration, so it’s hard to get inside of palace. I’ve found 2 different points of view with one common condition – guided tour is a must. Some people say that one can enter the palace only with guide from Monday till Friday or Saturday (from 8:00 – 12:00 and from 14:00 – 18:00), palace management should be informed in advance to put you in the guest list. Other people say that the only way to visit Mahkama du Pacha is to join a free excursion of Casamémoire organisation or a free excursion held during Journées du patrimoine. But you should know that both of these excursions are held only once a year on a weekend. And sometimes these weekends can be on the same dates.

If you have been to Mahkama du Pacha, I would appreciate if you give an advice about the way how to get inside of the building.


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