Sights of Fez

Marinid tombs

GPS coordinates: 34°04’11.3″N 4°58’46.9″W (34.069815, -4.979703)

Entrance: Free

Ruins of former necropolis are located on the hill not far from Borj Nord fort. There is the similar view to the old medina of Fez. The ruins date back to 14th century and usually serve as a picturesque accent on pictures taken from Borj Nord viewpoint. The archaeological site still hasn’t been explored properly.

About the Marinids

Dynasty of Marinids had been ruling Morocco from 1244 to 1465. In 1248 they had moved the capital from Rabat to Fez and began to expand the city. During their reign «new» medina Fes el-Jdid was founded and numerous madrasas were built. Marinids turned Fez into a cultural, religious and trading center of North Africa. They were overthrown by Wattasids (who had served previously as viziers in Morocco).

View from Borj Nord


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