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Mohammed V Avenue

It’s hard to make a visit to Rabat center and to avoid Mohammed V avenue. The avenue starts almost at Chellah ruins, passes by As-Sunna mosque, transforms into boulevard by Rabat-Ville train station and turns into pedestrian zone in medina.

It consists of 2 totally different parts – the one in medina and the other in Ville Nouvelle. The second one is a chapter in history of French protectorate times. There are fountains, interesting buildings and locals entertain their children with feeding pigeons at the boulevard.

Al-Maghrib bank (by architect Edmond Brion). 34°01’09.7″N 6°50’10.7″W (34.019352, -6.836305)

Pedestrian zone

Mohammed V avenue

A fountain

Parliament building
Parliament. 34°01’04.1″N 6°50’12″W (34.017816, -6.836670)

View to As-Sunna mosque

Post office (by architect Adrien Laforgue). 34°01’10.3″N 6°50’12.9″W (34.019525, -6.836906)
View to the minaret of As-Sunna mosque


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Mohammed V avenue is marked with violet line:

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