Rabat-Salé tram

Modern, fast and air-conditioned. Frequency interval 8-20 min. Distance between stops is on an average 500 m. Fares and scheme – valid for 2019.


– 6 MAD, sold in vending machine (uses cash) on every stop. There’s an option to buy a tram travel card (personal) but the shortest period is 1 month (250 MAD).

– As you ascend the tram you should validate your ticket.

– Since 1st validation you have 1 hour to make an interchange to the next tram line and validate the same ticket.

– You can buy as more tickets as you want – they stay useful unless you validate them (no need to use a ticket, you’ve bought, the same day).


– 50 MAD (to be paid immediately) for stowaways or passengers with unvalidated tickets.

First steam and oil trams had appeared in Morocco during the years of French protectorate. But they were existing only in the beginning of 1930s.

Some strategic stops for travelers

«Gare de Salé-Ville»

GPS coordinates: 34°02’16″N 6°48’59″W (34.037764, -6.816388)

By the Salé-Ville train station. Here you can catch a petit-taxi to the airport.

«Hassan II»

(Terminus Tramway Hassan II)

GPS coordinates: 34°02’05.1″N 6°47’59.1″W (34.034735, -6.799743)

Terminus. Salé bus station is just 200 m. away.

«Bab Chellah»

GPS coordinates: 34°01’25.5″N 6°50’01.4″W (34.023759, -6.833718)

A stop by Medina, here you will find grand-taxi station next to Nouzat Al-Hassan garden.

Actual scheme of lines and stops of Rabat-Salé tramway. Source: Wikipedia

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