Scala de la Kasbah

GPS coordinates: 31°30’54.5″N 9°46’19.9″W (31.515140, -9.772200)

Also Sqala or Skala de la Kasbah. It is a 2-level artillery platform that defends Essaouira. Military architect Theodor Cournut had used French style designing the fortification. So the sqala de la Kasbah forms (unique for Morocco) Saint-Malo look of the town.

Groundfloor is occupied by storage rooms. On the first floor you will find historical artillery battery of Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese canons. The platform ends with Borj Nord.

Sqala de la Kasbah

Artisasnal shops
Today groundfloor of Scala de la Kasbah is occupied with souvenir and artisanal shops

Cat enjoying sun on the wall

Atlantic waves
The platform offers great view to crushing waves of Atlantic ocean

View to Scala du Port

View to Scala du Port.


Canon and the sun, sunset
I suppose everyone, who has visited Scala de la Kasbah during sunset, has such kind of picture


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