Hassan Tower

(Tour Hassan)

GPS coordinates: 34°01’26.5″N 6°49’21.9″W (34.024018, -6.822737)

Hassan tower is the unfinished minaret of unfinished mosque. Caliph Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur started this colossal project in Rabat in 1195. He chose the place for the mosque – a high riverbank of Bou Regreg, so everyone would see the mosque from afar. But in 1199 Caliph died and all the works were stopped.


The minaret was intended to be a higher copy (86 m.) of Koutoubia minaret (70 m.) in Marrakesh. Today’s height is 44 m. Inside of the minaret there is a ramp, so muezzin could ride a horse to reach the top.

It had to be a large mosque next to minaret – but it was also left unfinished after the death of Moulay Yacoub. The only parts that survived Great Lisbon earthquake are about 200 fragments of sandstone columns and some pieces of walls.


Next to Hassan Tower and ruins of Yaqub Al-Mansur mosque there is mausoleum of Mohammed V. So usually pictures include both: Almohad period and modern details, like on the 1st picture.


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