Infrastructure of Agadir

Transport infrastructure of Agadir and Inezgane

Note: in Agadir it is possible to build a route with public transport in Google Maps.

Agadir bus station

(Gare routiere)

GPS coordinates: 30°24’58″N 9°33’58″W (30.416031, -9.565975)

Grand-taxi station in Agadir

(Gare Battoire des taxis)

GPS coordinates: 30°24’35” N 9°35’19”W (30.409722, -9.588611)

Different routes, also grand-taxis depart for Inezgane.

Grand-taxi and bus station in Inezgane

GPS coordinates: 30°21’34.7″N 9°31’40.2″W (30.359637, -9.527820)

Al Massira international airport

GPS coordinates: 30°19’50″N 9°24’37.9″W (30.330558, -9.410526)

Al Massira airport is the 3d busiest airport in Morocco. It is located 20 km. away from city. Don’t confuse it with the old Agadir-Inezgane airport that is 14 km. closer to the city. It is a military base now.

How to get from the airport to Agadir

Information, valid for 2019:

– If you want to use a bus, you will need to make an interchange at Inezgane. 8,5 MAD to Inezgane and 3,5-5 MAD for a bus or a grand-taxi to Agadir. Bus stop is in 700 m. from the airport – 30°20’04.8″N 9°24’41.4″W (30.334659, -9.411490).

Taxi station is next to arrivals. Available 24/7. The cost is approx. 150-200 MAD. It will take about 20 min. to arrive to Agadir.

Car rental services in the airport offer Avis, Hertz, Easycar, Europe Car, First Driver Car and Sixt companies.


Take Agadir map with you – just click the star and it will be saved in your Google account. Any locations in this region that I will add later will appear on your map.

Stations and airport are marked with green signs. Click the upper left button in order to see menu of the map and its layers.

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