Transport infrastructure of Fez

Main railway station

(Gare de Fes)

GPS coordinates: 34°02’50″N 5°00’18″W (34.047222, -5.005000)

At the picture above. There is grand-taxi station next to it.

Grand-taxi station

GPS coordinates: 34°02’45.3″N 5°00’20.2″W (34.045907, -5.005612)

Next to main railway station of Fez.

Central bus station

(Gare routiere principale)

GPS coordinates: 34°03’52″N 4°59’12″W (34.064444, -4.986667)

Main bus station of Fez

Supratours station

GPS coordinates: 34°02’45″N 5°00’15.1″W (34.045820, -5.004190)

Private bus station for Supratours buses only. It is located opposite Gare de Fes railway station.

International airport Fès-Saïss

GPS coordinates: 33°55’52″N 4°59’02.7″W (33.931110, -4.984075)

The airport is located 15 km. away from Fez railway station. In 2017 the new terminal was open. One can buy a SIM-card at Maroc Telecom shop right in the airport. But there are no ATMs in the airport. Have some cash with you (USD or EUR).

Passengers report about problems with olive oil even if they intended to put it in baggage. Be prepared that your olive oil can be confiscated. Though it is sold in airport shops. Of course for the higher price.

Passport is checked up to 7 times. That’s why airlines advise to arrive 3 hours prior to departure. At least there is free wi-fi in the airport.

How to get from the airport to Fez?

Bus №16 goes from the airport to bus and railway station (~40 min). It can be overcrowded because the ticket costs ~4 MAD. Bus stop: 33°55’53.3″N 4°58’52.8″W (33.931484, -4.981334)

Shuttle to railway station ~30 MAD.

Taxi wait for passengers outside the terminal, the price starts from 120 MAD.

Car rent is available from following companies: Sixt, Hertz, Cerisa, Montreal rent, ScalAvis, Marloc Europcar, Air car, France car.


Take Fez map with you – just click the star and it will be saved in your Google account. Any locations in this region that I will add later will appear on your map.

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