A village on the south edge of Erg Chebbi. The road to village was built only in 2000s. The other villages next to dunes are:

  • Hassilabied
  • Tanamoust
  • Takoujt

Bus station makes Merzouga most convenient location to those who travel in Morocco by public transport. GPS coordinates: 31°05’45.9″N 4°00’39.1″W (31.096088, -4.010846).

It’s hard to believe that these desert landscapes hide large amount of water under ground. Furthermore in 2006 villages were heavily damaged by a flash flood.

The main sight of Merzouga is the surrounding nature:

Dayet Srij   Erg Shebby

You can buy a camel trekking tour (even with an overnight stay in desert) at your hotel. Also locals can arrange you a sandboard ride or a trip by off-road vehicles.

Those who would like to go to and from Merzouga by bus will need a bus station in Errachidia (to change bus). Coordinates of bus station in Errachidia: 31°55’45.5″N 4°25’33.8″W (31.929317, -4.426060). CTM buses arrive to (and depart from) this bus station.

Streets of Merzouga
Typical rammed earth buildings of Merzouga

Rammed earth buildings and laundry

A pool
There are several pools like this one around Merzouga, some kids use the biggest one for swimming


Dry soil

Black stony desert and orange dunes

Agriculture in desert
Even in such a dry area locals try to grow something
Harvesting in desert


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