Intercity transport

Information about airports, bus and railway stations of Morocco is here.

Intercity buses

Bus service in Morocco offers the access almost to every corner of the country. You can buy all the tickets you may need in advance upon your arrival to Morocco or buy them online at CTM company. There’s a big choice of carriers at bus stations. You should pay attention at:

  1. Condition of the bus – some companies own good buses (CTM, Supratours, Satan etc), some – not.
  2. Possibility to buy tickets in advance (CTM, Supratours etc).

If you have planned a big route and hotels are already booked (or if you need a long-distance ride) – it’s better to buy tickets in advance. F.e. it’s hard to get ticket the same day for Supratours bus going daytime from Fez to Errachidia/Erfoud.

Buses of some carriers may depart from the private bus stations (not central bus stations).

Make a rule always to check in advance which station the bus will be leaving. If you want to avoid petit-taxi race catching the bus.

During long rides bus makes a stop for about 30 min. Usually a station is equipped with a toilet, a restaurant and a butchery. So you can choose a piece of meat that will be cooked for you. The cooks work fast but it’s hard to get rid of worries that the bus will leave without you. You can try to find a place that offers a view to your bus.

CTM bus
CTM bus at Ouarzazate bus station

You should definitely print your online ticket – sometimes passengers are asked to change it to a standard one at the ticket window. Cashier can ask you to present the payment card that you have used buying the ticket.

Tickets may not include luggage (it costs ~5 MAD).

If you travel through the mountain region – take your medicine (if you suffer from motion sickness) and have some packets with you. Whether you don’t need packets, some improvident locals may appreciate your “gift”.

Domestic flights

Air Arabia Maroc offers low-cost flights in Morocco. Skyscanner seems to work directly with Air Arabia, when I was checking several metasearch engines (also Momondo and Aviasales) the price at Skyscanner was up to 30% lower.

Choosing between air and land transport, remember about more strict rules in airplanes and additional 2 hours that you will spend in the airport by checking luggage, checking-in etc.


Trains in Morocco are air-conditioned and usually follow the timetable better than buses. So if you like punctuality and appreciate more space around – trains should be your choice. The only disappointing thing about rail transport is that it exists only between Fez, Meknes, Kenitra, Rabat, Casablanca, Nador, Oujda and Marrakesh.

In November 2018 high speed rail link between Tangier and Kenitra was open. Official website of Moroccan rail transport:

Map of Morocco railways
This geographically inaccurate map I borrowed from Wikipedia, I’ve made corrections and updated it to 2019
Railway tracks
Railway tracks at Casa Voyageurs

Grand taxi

Big taxis serve intercity routes. There are no taximeters – only a fixed price. Most of big taxis depart when all the places are occupied. Some drivers may leave with some free seats and pick passengers while driving.

A grand taxi is usually a big old Mercedes. Its capacity is 6 passengers (2 in the front seat next to driver, 4 in the back seat). Do you want to feel yourself stuck? No? Buy 2 tickets then. It’s very uncomfortable for 2 adults to seat in front – you seat both – on the door and on your neighbor. Your neighbor can not move closer to the driver, because this way he will block the gear lever.

It’s better to ask the driver about price and route. Because some active guys in the station can appear to be helpers and demand money for their “help”.

Grand taxi
Big taxis can be of different colours, depending on their location
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