GPS coordinates: 29°26’47.8″N 10°06’56.6″W (29.446623, -10.115721)

Legzira beach is world-famous for its Martian landscapes and unusual arches. Actually, since 2016 only one arch is left. It was obvious that it should happen someday – the soil isn’t hard, high humidity and constant wave crashes. There’s a strong desire to wear a helmet when you walk through the arch – as stones are falling from time to time.

Collapsed arch
Already a history – the collapsed arch

Nowadays you can see only the wide arch. Probably somewhen the ocean will make it thinner as it did the previous one. Except of visiting the arch you may walk up the hill to admire cactuses or watch some sea creatures locked up in tide pools.

Cactuses and view to the ocean

I would not recommend staying at Legzira overnight – it’s hard to fall asleep: long oceanic waves drag and roll stones making a lot of noise. There’s almost no infrastructure except 3 or 4 hotels and the food there tends to come to an end. First day there was no meat, only chicken, the second day we became vegetarians and on the third day even some vegetables (like potatoes) were missing.

Hotels at the beach
These are all the buildings that you will find in Legzira + a hotel up the hill.

To get to Legzira is quite easy – you can try to ask the driver of Agadir-Sidi Ifni bus to make a stop there. Or come to Legzira by grand taxi from Sidi Ifni. But it’s a little bit complicated to leave it. There is almost no traffic on highway, both directions. And a taxi that you may have ordered in your hotel can arrive 2 hours later, inshallah. I was leaving Legzira hitchhiking. I was lucky – 2 friendly Moroccans picked me up after only 30 min. of waiting and brought me to Sidi Ifni for free.

Wide arch

View from wide arch

Martian landscape

Stones rolled by the ocean
Stones that are loudly rolled by the ocean in the night

Legzira beach

Nice flowers that grow up the hill in Legzira
A grasshopper

Higher cactuses

Sad dog
A sad dog in the restaurant of hotel – probably he suffered from the lack of meat (like we did)

View from above




Evening in Legzira

A fish locked up in a tide pool
Sea anemone
Sea anemone in a tide pool
Ruined arch
Another one historical picture – the ruined arch from the other side. So the pictures on the web with old descriptions won’t be able to misinform you


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