Inshallah or a few words about Moroccan mindset

If you don’t want to spoil any of your journeys, you should be prepared to admit the mindset of local folks. In Morocco you should get used to the serenity of people (despite of their passionate hearts). It’s really a beautiful contradiction that gives an unbelievable experience.

The main symbol of Moroccan serenity is the expression “inshallah”. It means that everything obeys a God will. No matter is it a sad happening or a jolly time – for all of these things the God will is dominant.

I’ve read quite a lot of motivational books. Almost all of the authors call modern people on serenity. Moroccan serenity goes through centuries – they do feel how to live. Travelling in Morocco may turn into a nightmare for those who are in eternal hurry. So try to switch off your “hurry mode” and enjoy serenity with people who know more about it than today’s writers.

Actually “inshallah” expression is used in many Muslim regions of the world. But I’ve started my story with Morocco, so this article will be a chapter about Moroccan folks.

How may inshallah affect you while travelling in Morocco?

Famous Moroccan dish – couscous with 7 types of vegetables will not definitely contain 7 vegetables (as it is expected). And sometimes it can even be topped with a big piece of lamb – inshallah.

Punctuality is for Germans. In Morocco God will is stronger than your wish to be anywhere right on time (even if you are always punctual). Be ready for it.

Did a bus trip take 6 hours instead of 4? Inshallah. It should have happened like this – no escape. Did a bus arrive 1 hour earlier? Inshallah, God helped the bus. Just breathe in, breathe out and keep calm like locals do. Inshallah = God knows better what suits you the best.

Those who like to plan everything in advance (like me) – just put more time in your timetable – anything can happen, inshallah. I would advise not to plan arrival to the city of your departure back home on the same day. Plan a force majeure, expect the unexpected and your journey to this sunny kingdom will bring you only satisfaction.

PS – Written by an atheist with respect for religious people.

Transportation of oversized cargo
My inshallah on the way from Agadir to Essaouira – it took about an hour to let this huge thing pass by
A donkey carrying a man and a suitcase
Due to this inshallah I was happy to see such a funny donkey with a suitcase and to watch from afar goats climbing trees. You never can imagine what you may gain

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