Bab Chorfa & Kasbah An-Nouar

GPS coordinates: 34°03’44.1″N 4°59’08.5″W (34.062239, -4.985687)

Bab Shorfa (or Chorfa) is the main and the only gate to Kasbah An-Nouar. Kasbah used to be a military enclosure since it had been erected in 12th century by the Almohads. It was restored by sultan Moulay Slimane in 18th century, so the present form of Bab Chorfa dates back to that period.

In 17th century when Fez had become the capital of the Alaouites, many people of Tafilalt origin followed their ruler and settled down in Kasbah An-Nouar (while guich tribes settled down in Kasbah Cherarda). That time Kasbah had received the second name – Kasbah Filala. Since then the community of Kasbah An-Nouar had been self-governed (as a reflection of Tafilalt region traditions).

Kasbah inhabitants were electing the council of 12 elders that appointed a chief, a treasurer and a secretary. Due to this self-government system the Kasbah was inhabited only by people of Tafilalt origin up to 20th century. The entry to Kasbah An-Nouar was prohibited to any outsiders.

Boujeloud square
To the left you can see lit up by the sun walls of Borj Nord

Kasbah An-Nouar is isolated by fortified wall from the old medina. Today it is full of residential houses and curvy streets like in old medina. In front of Bab Chorfa there is an open-air market that has been existing for many years on Boujeloud square.

Next to Bab Chorfa there is a Friday mosque inside the Kasbah. Its minaret is visible from Boujloud square. It is supposed that the mosque was built by the Almohads and renovated by the Alaouites (like Kasbah An-Nouar).

View through an arch
You can see the ruins of Marinid tombs on the hill over Bab Chorfa


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An-Nouar Kasbah is marked with black polygon:

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